Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Selamat hari ibu kepada semua wanita yang bergelar ibu..Saya belum bergelar ibu lagi, so jangan wish Selamat Hari Ibu kepada saya okay :) Bila nak bergelar ibu? jangan tanya soalan ini kepada saya okay..hehe..Saya hanya menanti untuk Allah makbulkan doa saya..

Selamat Hari Ibu kepada ibu saya, Pn. Hanapisah bt Mamat..Terima kasih kerana membesarkan kami 6 beradik, alhamdulillah semuanya sudah besar-besar belaka, saya anak yang sulung berumur 27 tahun dan mempunyai adik yang bongsu berumur 13 tahun..Semuanya mempunyai pelbagai ragam dan perangai..Ma merupakan seorang yang garang atau dalam bahasa kelantannya "bekeng"..hehe..Ma kuat berleter kepada kami dan sangat tegas..Namun begitu, ma merupakan seorang yang sangat memberi perhatian dalam menguruskan persekolahan kami..sewaktu saya bersekolah rendah, ma bangun pkul 5 pagi menyiapkan sarapan dan memasak air untuk kami mandi..manjanya kami..maklumlah duduk di kampung, kedingingan air di waktu pagi memaksa kami termenung beberapa ketika untuk mandi:)hehe..
Saya akui, tegas ma bertempat..ada kelembutan dan kasih sayang dalam dirinya untuk dicurahkan kepada anak-anak..Terima kasih ma..

Zaman remaja saya jarang saya berada di rumah, selama 5 tahun (form 1 to form 5) di asrama, 1 tahun di matrix penang, 3 tahun di USM penang, dan 5 tahun dalam alam pekerjaan (2005 hingga kini) cukup untuk tidak mendengar leteran ma :) sometimes i miss her voice..
Saya sangat sukakan nasi lemak hasil air tangan ma...sedap sangat..sengaja saya suruh ma buat banyak2, untuk saya makan pada waktu pagi dan tengahari..hehe..sedap yang tak terkata :)

Alangkah bagusnya sekiranya saya sentiasa berada di samping ma, dapat membalas budi dan bakti yang ma taburkan kepada kami..Ma, terima kasih kerana mengandung, melahirkan, membesarkan dan mendidik saya..Maafkan saya sekiranya saya ada mengguris perasaan ma..
Kasihmu membawa ke syurga..

Ya allah, Kau kasihilah kedua org tua kami sebagaimana mereka mengasihi kami sewaktu kami kecil..

Tips to be a good boss

Just to share some tips on how to be a good boss..I had copy it from reading to all :)

1.Give credit to your staff
Realize that management succeeds via the efforts of the workers. Because you're in charge doesn't mean you deserve all the credit for the work being done. Your
staff is responsible for the bulk of the work. You are leading them as they get it done to be sure all regulations are complied with, etc., but they are doing the actual work. Taking credit for their efforts will surely undermine your leadership.

2. Delegate responsibility and then trust your people.

Micro-managers are never appreciated. Once you've trained someone to handle a task, allow him or her to handle it without interference. Different people have different approaches, and someone else's way of doing something may be just as efficient as the way you would do it. Before you step in and force your way on anyone, give an honest evaluation to the method, and if you find it works just as well, even if it's different from yours, let it be. Constantly correcting your people undercuts their confidence and does not allow them to exercise their own style.

3.Know your employess
Know your employees to know your strength. Watch your staff, get to know them as individuals. Understand their motives: Why do they work in this company? Why do they work in this department? What excites them? Some may love the work. Some may love the flexible hours. Some may love the retirement plan. Whatever that is, do your best to understand. That allows you to enhance, adjust and align their motives with your goals. The cream always rises to the top, and it's your job to figure out which employees do what is required in their jobs, and which employees do all they can in their jobs. There is a huge distinction.

4.Clone yourself - many times.

Once you've identified good candidates, teach them your job. That's right. Teach them to be you. Most bad bosses are under the (mistaken) impression that there is something threatening about this, because the bad boss thinks that s/he is the only one who can perform a given function. The truth is, the best boss trusts his or her staff and re-creates himself many times over so that in case of emergencies, or in his absence, the Good Boss has excellent help that can be utterly relied upon. If you happen to be an entrepreneur/owner, cloning yourself means that you don't need to go to work as much, freeing you to do as you please, knowing your business is earning as much today without you there as it would if you had to go there and slave away. And remember, too, that you're creating another Good Boss!

5.Empower your staff
Empower your staff to make critical decisions, and don't second-guess them. If you've done a good job of training your people to be your proxies, then you must believe they are doing their best to act in your (and your company's) best interest. Even if they make a wrong decision, or handle a situation in a way you would not have, don't second guess or berate them. Instead, use it as yet another training opportunity. Hear out their reasons for their action - most of the time, when taken in context, there was a logical basis for what they decided to do.
Example: Once the employee has explained his or her rationale, try saying, "Given what you've told me, I now understand why that seemed like the way to go. However, in the future, I would like you to try handling it this way (then explain the way you want them to do it). If you have a problem doing it that way, you can always call me for help."

6.Create a clear chain of command.

If you are the owner and have a manager, be sure the rest of the staff understands the chain - they are to take problems to the manager first, and only if they are still unsatisfied should they escalate it to you. When leaving, say, "Franki, you're in charge." This lets any additional staff know who's the boss in your absence, plus, goofy as it sounds, it makes Franki square up her shoulders and realize that she now "has the bridge." If customers are there, so much the better - you are putting your faith and trust in Franki right in front of them. They feel it, Franki feels it - and by gracefully handing the reins to her, you just went up a notch in the esteem of your right hand woman and your customers.

7. Help them
Help them learn to work out issues without your intervention. Sometimes one or more of your staff may experience friction with others. If they come tattling on one another to you, listen to them carefully. If someone is not fulfilling his own responsibilities or is mistreating another employee, you'll need to step in and resolve the conflict yourself. But if you're satisfied it's only an issue of competition or a simple personality clash, urge them to settle it between themselves.

8.Deal with any problems quickly and directly.

Any boss who is terribly busy totally understands this concept: "I don't need all the details. Bottom line it for me." You don't have to be so blunt that you crush people, but being direct and honest is a big time saver, and frankly, appreciated in the end. When you see a problem, deal with it quickly and don't nag your people about it later - let done be done. Try to elicit the agreement that whatever just happened was not acceptable. Remember that your goal is to promote productive behavior and retain the respect of your employee, NOT to antagonize your people, particularly in front of others.

9.Appreciate your staff
Tell your staff how much you appreciate them - in front of customers if possible. Never hesitate to pat your employees on the back, compliment and thank them for their excellent service - if customers are there, letting them know how you value your people can go a long way toward the customers actually having more faith in the services your business provides. When your staff feel valued and appreciated, their job means more to them than simply a paycheck. When your customers know that you, as the owner (or manager) think highly of your staff, they feel confident that they're in good hands, and it gives you more freedom to leave your customers in the very capable hands of your staff. See how this becomes a "win-win-win"? By lifting up your employee while your customer was watching, ALL of you got something good from it - with zero downside.

10.Show your appreciation

By doing things for them. They go the extra mile for you. You do something nice for them. Buy everyone lunch every other Wednesday. Be sure there's a supply of their favorite sodas in a small fridge for them. If you get extra tickets to something you know they would enjoy, offer it to them as a bonus for work well done. Remember their birthdays, at least enough to wish them a happy day, or buy them a cupcake.

11.Share your goals with your employees.

Tell them what makes you happy and ask them directly to help you reach your goals. "Hidden agendas" in a leader are damaging to morale because they create confusion in those who work for you. Tell them things like "I like to hear praise from our customers about you", "I do not like to hear complaints from other teams about us", "My goal is to [increase our growth by 15%] [win the best team award] next year", etc. etc.. Trust that your employees are very much like you: They love to feel helpful and accomplished. Your job is to tell them how to achieve those feelings.

12.Learn to be an effective listener.
Your employees deserve to be heard when they have concerns. Allow them to finish talking before you speak; do not assume that you know what they are going to tell you before they finish talking; do not form objections in your mind while they are talking. Instead try to be fully engaged while they are talking without making it about your rebuttal. Acknowledge their points, which does not mean that you agree, but does mean that you understand their concerns. Repeat their points in your own words to confirm, if necessary. You may not need to take any action, but hearing them out is important to their sense of empowerment and significance. Often, simply saying, "I appreciate your telling me this" is all that's needed to make them feel they were heard.

13.Be the boss.

All these steps may not prevent from you having to assert your ultimate authority at some point. No matter how well your staff is trained or how good your leadership skills become, there will be times when you will have to remind someone that you are the final word on all matters. Being a good boss and empowering your people to make daily decisions does not mean you've abdicated your authority. If you find that someone on your staff is overstepping or has made a mistake, be decisive and firm, act swiftly and don't waffle. This may result in some deflation of that employee, but assuming you allow it to be done with once you've corrected the situation, it should pass quickly.

Just some of my opinion on how to be a good boss:

1.Know your staff background and their attitude
2.Do the staffs planning
3.Give training or send your staff for training
4.Listen to their ideas
5.Give the instruction clearly, give the deadline
6.Ask their problems regarding the scope of work
7.Sit together and do the meeting atleast 3x per year
8.Give appreciation for those who perform very well
9.For those who are not perform very well, ask their problem, give them motivation, help them to achive the mision

Again, all these are just my personal opinion:)

Tips to be a good worker

Here i want to share some tips on how to be a good worker. I had copy paste it from Happy reading to all :)

1.Know your employer.
Decide if you are working for a company that has a motto or standard that you are comfortable with, and if the company goal is something you believe in. If you are working for an honorable establishment, then you will be treated with respect due to your position. If you are not happy after a time, begin to discreetly seek work elsewhere. The best time to find a new job is when you already have one and are not desperate.

2.Behave professionally.
This is a business, not a playground. People talk, and workers know the difference between a person who is fun to work with and a person who is always fooling around. Fun means a good personality, a joke or two, and a smile. Fooling around is wasting your time and that of others, being frequently off-task, and often being seen standing in the workspace of others instead of in your own.

3.Learn to take criticism gracefully.
It will provide you with valuable ideas about what people expect from you, any weak areas, and what you need to work on first. If a boss or coworker criticizes you in a way that hurts or angers you, wait until you cool/calm down and ask them if you can talk with them. Tell them how you felt, but tell them that you would like to fix the issue and want them to talk with you about what needs to be changed.

4.Learn to do your job, and do it well.
Whether it's menial and tedious, or tough and high-paying, learn how to do the job, regardless of how difficult you think it might be. Salary is most commonly based upon years of experience, tenure with the company, and your educational background. If you don't know how to do something, go find out; don't make excuses for why you didn't do it.

5.Cultivate good relationships
with the gatekeepers.Secretaries, custodians, bookkeepers, and cafeteria workers are all very important people in your organization;they are the experts in their departments. Treat those workers with courtesy, respect, and kindness because they hold more power than you realize, and your reputation with them matters. Do not hang out with other employees who mistreat, disrespect, or talk down to them. Speak to them in the same fashion you would another coworker--asking them, making polite requests, and not demanding or ordering about.

6.Training opportunity
When you get the opportunity to learn a new skill, receive training for a different activity, or take a study course paid for by your employer--do it! Cross-training, new skill sets, and further education show that you are intelligent and value life-long learning. If push comes to shove, and people are let go, you stand a better chance of being retained than those who can only do one thing.

7.Keep a clean job history.
Do a good job, show up on time, keep a good attendance history. When you find out someone has been let go, you often find out later that there were underlying circumstances that led to their dismissal--including frequent absences, missed deadlines, reprimands for unprofessional behavior, or too many customer complaints.

8.Be ready to provide references from past employers.
If your present employer wishes to contact your previous employer, do not deny their request. Leaving a company on good terms is always an asset to securing another job.

9.Never be late
Always arrive early. Be at least 15 minutes early every day. That way, if you are running late, you will be on time. If you have to park far away, you will walk in and still not be late. If your client is early, you will be there to greet him or her, and not leave someone waiting for you - even if you arrive on time.

10.Ask your supervisor what the expectations for productivity are. This will immediately make you stand out from 95% of the other employees.

11.Be part of the solutions.
Quit whining about what's wrong and start being vocal about what's right! A positive attitude goes a long way with many supervisors. When you go to the boss with a problem, go with at least one suggestion in mind for a solution. Even if the boss doesn't take your suggestion, you will look like a problem-solver, not a complainer.

12.Don't drag your feet.
We mean this in a literal way. Pick your feet up and walk proud, and get right to your work - don't procrastinate or let things drag up to the deadline, and then jump in to get it done in a fast flurry at the end. It makes your boss crazy. Gain a reputation for having your act together more so than the majority of people.

13.Do work and no gossip
Quit gossiping and get to work. Your employer is not paying you to gossip. Of course, you want to establish a good rapport with your co-workers, and a little chatting is inevitable and desirable. But spending a half hour regaling your co-workers with your previous evening's adventures will not make your boss love you. When one of you is talking a lot, two of you are not working a lot. Note: if your boss walks by and two of you are talking, no big deal, but wrap up the conversation so that the boss won't see the same sight on her way back. The same goes for a group of you. If you are part of a group who is talking when the boss walks by, discreetly excuse yourself to return to your area after a few seconds.

14.Always be productive.
Don't let paper sit on your desk for days on end. Get the work done and move on to the next thing as quickly as possible.

15.Dress welll
Don't dress like your co-workers, dress as well or better than your boss. Close-toe shoes, full-length slacks, and shirts that don't show cleavage or chest hair are your best bet. When in doubt, don't wear it.

16. Be confident
Hold your head high and be confident. A calm, assured energy will take you much farther than carrying yourself in a hunched up ball.

17. Work as a team
Volunteer or be active in projects to get the job done. Don't worry about who gets credit - your boss knows much more than you think. Be a team player. In addition, volunteering allows you to choose the part you will play. If you don't choose, chances are it will be chosen for you. Either way, you'll be responsible for some facet, so be one of the first to step forward when you can.

19.Clear up your table
Stay late, even if it is only 15-20 minutes. People notice who runs for the door at 5:30 pm. One of the best uses of this time is to organize your work space for tomorrow. Take a moment to put away loose papers, empty coffee cups, wipe down surfaces, and locate things you'll need.

20. Guide the junior
Offer junior employees guidance and encouragement. Offer to show them the ropes or offer training tips. Remember how it felt to be the newbie. If you are not sure someone understood something, be willing to ask if they need assistance. Don't do the work for them, teach them instead. Be careful what you say to new employees; don't air your grievances, frustrations, or interpersonal conflicts. Don't gossip.

21.Respect your boss
Don't argue a lot, your boss's opinion is always right for him, so if you found something wrong, try to show your boss, but without arguing. Use a good and quiet way to show the problem point.

In my opinion, to be a good worker we have to:

1. Have competency-kemahiran kena ada. Sekiranya tiada kemahiran, jangan malu untuk bertanya..tak rugi pun untuk berbuat demikian. Malah terdapat boss atau pekerja yang suka apabila beliau dijadikan tempat rujukan/tempat bertanya.

2.Know your job description-wajib tahu senarai tugas anda kerana ianya merupakan tugas hakiki anda.

3.Respect your boss wpun kadangkala kita kurang setuju dengan pendapat bos tersebut. Bos tetap bos..Sekiranya pendapat kita adalah lagi baik daripadanya, show him/her some justifikasi and how good your ideas are.
Sesetengah boss sukakan anda menegakkan pendapat anda <--I had experince regarding this..hehe

4.Go for training-Sila jalani kursus, give full attention..sesetengah kursus anda dibayar oleh majikan..if not, anda hanyalah membazir duit majikan, membazir masa dan membazir tenaga sahaja..Praktikkanlah apa yang telah dipelajari..

5.Meet the deadline-Sekiranya diberi tugasan, buatlah yang terbaik, jangan buat sekadar melepaskan batuk ditangga sahaja..sila teliti dan elakkan kesilapan..bos akan menilai hasil kerja

6.Come up with the ideas- Give ideas to your boss, jangan hanya menyatakan masalah kerana boss mempunyai banyak perkara lain yang perlu difikir dan diselesaikan..Nyatakan masalah dan nyatakan idea anda untuk mengatasi masalah tersebut..

7.Proaktif, creatif and dont waste time-Always be proaktif; menyelesaikan perkara tanpa perlu disuruh..

8.Work as a team-Saling bantu membantu..ianya sangat bagus bagi meningkatkan prestasi organisasi anda

9.Be profesional-Jangan emosional dalam melakukan tugas

10.Postive thinking- Sentiasa berfikiran positif, jangan berburuk sangka pada orang lain, avoid gossiping, elakkan mengata orang..kerana tanpa kita sedar kita turut mendapat dosa kering..Jangan tambahkan lagi berat di bahu kiri anda..

11.Mesyuarah-Lestari is one of the way to do this..

Thats all..semua ini merupakan pendapat peribadi saya :) Tiada kene mengena dengan yang hidup dan yang telah mati :)..

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Perkahwinan saya

Ni antara koleksi gambar kawin saya:) Yang paling saya suka gambar no.1, majlis sambut menantu di kuala terengganu (22.08.2008), baju riau moden shifon beserta selendang yang saya beli hanya RM70 sahaja:) make up yang simple but nice..gambar baju kurung kuning dan baju hijau adalah majlis di Johor (16.08.2008)..Buat bakal2 pengantin, perkahwinan ini bukan senang..banyak perkara yang perlu diuruskan..Disini disertakan maklumat dan anggaran kos yang terlibat tau..

1. Kursus kahwin
Bakal pengantin lelaki dan perempuan WAJIB hadir kursus selama 2 hari, akan dapat sijil. Yuran RM60-RM100.

2.Permohonan nikah
Kene buat di pejabat agama daerah masing2. Disebabkan alamat ic saya di mersing, maka permohonan nikah saya perlu dibuat di pejabat agama islam mersing. Dan majlis akad nikah telah dipersetujui oleh kedua-dua pihak untuk diadakan di rumah mersing. Oleh yang demikian, suami kene buat permohonan bernikah di luar daerah iaitu di luar kuala terengganu..Selepas diluluskan oleh pejabat agama islam terengganu, bawak permohonan suami ke mersing beserta salinan ic pengantin, salinan ic ibu bapa, surat akuan bujang oleh majikan dan sebagainya..
3.Ujian HIV
Pejabat agama islam akan bagi borang test HIV. Then korang kene bawak ke klinik kesihatan kerajaan yang berdekatan..Ujian akan dapat serta merta. Test darah kat jari korang ajer..Within 10 seconds dah dapat result. Bawak result tu ke pejabat agama tadi.

4. Contact tok kadi
Korang kene jumpa tok kadi mukim masing-masing..selalunya ibubapa yang uruskan..tetapkan tarikh dan lokasi untuk bernikah. Senang tok kadi tu cari nanti..hehe..Time bernikah tu, kat masjid atau rumah, jangan lupa bawak ic, nanti tok kadi tu akan semak korang punya ic, telly tak dengan borang permohonan nikah tu,. Pastu bila setel akad nikah n habis baca doa, jangan lupa hulur pada tok kadi tu, duit minyak dia..bagi lah RM100 or RM50 or ikut kebiasaan..hehe..

Perbelanjaan majlis perkahwinan (sebelah perempuan):

1.Bahan2 kenduri (lembu,ayam, sayur,bawang,lada, rempah gulai dan sebagainya)

2.Sewa kanopi, kerusi, meja, kawah, periuk belanga dan sebagainya

3.Barang hantaran (kebiasannya untuk perempuan: alquran,sejadah, telekung,buah2,sirih junjung,handbag, kasut,perfume,jam dan sebagainya..kebiasannya untuk lelaki: jam, alquran, sejadah, perfume dan sebagainya..terpulang pada pengantin apa yang dia nak)

4. Kad kawin


6. Mak andam

7. Baju pengantin

8.Set bilik tidur

9.Cenderahati tetamu

10. Cameraman

11.Bunga manggar

12.Kompang dan silat (kalau perlu)

13.Extra money-untuk kes2 kecemasan kalau ada pembelian barang last minit

14.Extra money-untuk kehidupan korang selepas habis majlis..perlu ada untuk perbelanjaan lepas kawin seperti makan minum, sewa umah baru atau untuk honeymoon..kalau tak cukup duit, honeymoon tu boleh ditangguhkan dulu..

Majlis sambut menantu (sebelah lelaki):

Perlu ada semua macam majlis sebelah pihak perempuan, namun majlis sambut menantu kebiasannya majlis yang ringkas aje..just kenduri makan-makan dan pelamin yang agak simple..tapi kalau berkemampuan, boleh jugak buat majlis yang grand macam sebelah pihak perempuan.. Kos item 1 hingga 13, korang masukkan sendiri..tepuk dada, tanya pocket masing2 okay:)

Alhamdulillah, 80% urusan perkahwinan kami uruskan sendiri..ibubapa hanyalah menguruskan majlis kenduri makan..disebabkan terlalu banyak perkara yang kami uruskan sendiri, kadang2 jadi pening kepala..hehe..alhmadulillah, everything is okay:)

Pesan saya, carilah jodoh yang boleh membahagiakan dirimu, yang membuatkan anda sentiasa bahagia dengannya serta yang paling penting hubungan kalian mendapat restu daripada orang tuamu...syurga itu di bawah tapak kaki ibu dan saya percaya semua ibubapa di dunia ini merencanakan sesuatu yang terbaik buat anaknya...

Kepada ayah dan ma, terima kasih atas segala susah payah menyelesaikan majlis kami, terima kasih atas restu yang diberikan, Doakan kebahagiaan kami hingga ke akhir hayat.Minta maaf kerana saya tidak dapat meluangkan banyak masa dan berbakti kepada kalian disebabkan jarak yang memisahkan kita..Hanya dapat bertanya khabar dan pulang menjenguk kalian sekali sekala, diharapkan ma dan ayah tidak berkecil hati dengan saya..

Kepada abah dan mama, berbanyak terima kasih kerana sudi menjadi mertua saya..Terima kasih atas keikhlasan hati kalian berdua..

Kepada suamiku, terima kasih kerana memahami dan menerima diri ini seadanya.. Terima kasih atas sikapmu yang ceria, lawak jenakamu, perangaimu yang macam2:)Terima kasih kerana membahagiakan saya sehingga ke saat ini..Love you so much..

Jalan2 di KL

Time ni kat KL pada 1 mei 2010 di Jusco wangsa maju.Penat sangat balik dr Melaka..My face without make up..tapi member punya pasal, jom melepak di jusco..hehe..Adikku tak bagi pinjam kereta (kedekut yer:).. bgus jugak bukannya saya tahu sangat jalan2 di kl ni..hehe..naik LRT aje..lama tak exercise kaki, almost 4 hours at jusco, shopping2, mkn2..sangat gembira jumpa mima..dah 4 tahun tak jumpa..hehe..she's my roomate at usm, still single, so sape2 yang bujang tu, kalo nak berkenalan, sangat dialu-alukan..hehe..she's very kind person, budak baik, stay at home, anak emak..terer menjahit dan memasak tau..saya telah "menjahatkan' diri dia..hehe

Jangan minum ais.kenapa?

Serangan Jantung dan Amalan Minum Air Panas ....Artikel ini berguna untuk semua.
Bukan sahaja amalan meminum air panas selepas makan, tetapi berhubung SERANGAN JANTUNG!!!!.
Kita tidak akan kehilangan apa-apa... malah akan mendapat faedah dari amalan ini. Kepada sesiapa yang suka minum AIS, artikel ini sesuai untuk anda baca. Sememangnya sedap minum air berAIS selepas makan. Walaubagaimanapun, AIS akan membekukan makanan berminyak yang baru kita makan. Ia akan memperlahankan penghadaman kita. Bila lemak-lemak ini terbentuk di dalam usus, ia akan menyempitkan banyak saluran dan lama kelamaan ia akan menyebabkan lemak berkumpul dan kita semakin gemuk dan menuju ke arah mendapat pelbagai PENYAKIT. Jalan terbaik...adalah untuk minum sup panas atau air PANAS/suam selepas makan. :Nota penting tentang SERANGAN JANTUNG!!!Anda patut tahu bahawa bukan semua tanda-tanda serangan jantung akan mula terasa pada tangan sebelah kiri. Berhati-hati juga pada permulaan sakit sedikit-sedikit pada bahagian atas dada anda. Anda mungkin tidak akan mengalami sakit dada pada serangan pertama serangan jantung. Keletihan dan berpeluh adalah tanda-tanda biasa. Malah 60% penghidap SAKIT JANTUNG tidak bangun selepas tidur. Marilah kita berwaspada dan berhati-hati..Lebih banyak kita tahu, lebih cerah peluang kita untuk terus hidup..
Baca ini..... ia juga mungkin dapat menyelamatkan nyawa anda dan juga aku!!!!.
memang dah habit suka sangat minum air lepas makan..dah tau ni kena ubah la...thanks to my friend mimie83 sebab bagi keizinan untuk copy paste this info :)

Bisnes apa yang bagus?

Sekrang ni tengah terpikir, bisnes apa yang bagus? yang senang dihandle, yang jimat masa,yang beri banyak keuntungan? hihi..sape2 yang ade perlukan share partner dalam bisnes or nak buka cawangan baru, sila inform through my email

Azam 2010

Sekejap je dah masuk bulan 5
Hmm..cepatnya masa berlalu
Untuk tahun 2010, ada beberapa azam yang ingin dicapai:

Azam 1: To lose body weight, skrg 62kg nk turun lagi 5kg, means 57kg..
Antara usaha yang telah dilakukan ialah:-

i. Jogging
Br 4 kali jog dlm sebulan..mcm tak berhasil je kan?

Bulan 3 ari tu turun every week, skrg ni dah 2 bulan tak turun court. Cuaca
panas terik, pkul 5.30 pon still pns kat tgnu alasan tak nak bagi kulit
terbakar..hihi..Saya perlukan setahun untuk terer main tenis..Sape yg pandai,
tolong ajar saya ok.

iii.Kurangkan mkn nasi
Skrg ni mkn nasi sehari sekali aje, mlm mkn bihun sup, mee
rebus buatan sendiri..hihi..suami dan adik2 ipar pon suka..sekali sekala hantar
food umah mak mertua..taraf mak mertua n bapa mertua mcm ibu ayah kita sendiri
kan? Saya juga sangat bersyukur kerana mendapat ibu dan bapa mertua yang baik
sangat.Sekali skala kene jadi menantu yang baik..ceewahh..

iv.Tak mkn langsung roti canai
Roti canai mmg banyak kalori, pernah dengar org kata,
kalo mkn sekeping roti canai, diumpamakan jogging 1km baru boleh bakar kalori 1
keping roti canai..bahaya betul roti canai untuk elakkan yer

v.Minum banyak air masak
Dari dulu saya memang tak suka minum air. Makan nasi kalo takde air pon takpe.
Sekarang ni dah start minum banyak air..Air sangat bagus untuk kesihatan
sebenarnya. Mempercepat metabolisma badan dan berfungsi untuk mengeluarkan
peluh. Peluh ialah lebihan garam dan toksid dalam badan yang dikeluarkan
semasa kita buat excercise. So kawan2, sila buat exercise ok.

vi.Makan banyak sayuran dan buah
Buah dan sayur mengandungi serat yang bagus untuk pencernaan dan cepat
dihadam. Nasi dan lauk lambat dihadam. So, makan buah dulu br mkn nasi. First
in first out. Hihi..

vii.Tonton The Biggest Loser
Ni rancangan yang boleh memberikan sumber inspirasi. Isnin-Jumaat, Astro 702.

Azam 2: Menjadi seorang yang lebih rajin
Rajin berkebun-Sekarang ni alhamdulillah, pokok serai dan lengkuas dah hidup dengan subur, dah boleh mkn hasilnya. Nak tanam pokok cili, terung dan bendi plak di halaman rumah.

Rajin membuat kerja rumah-Sekarang ni hujung minggu memang bangun awal.. En suami akan basuh kedua-dua kereta, terima kasih abg..hihi..Saya akan membakar sampah sarap, membasuh baju, mop umh sebulan sekali, sapu habuk2..bukak tingkap kasi pengudaraan yang lebih n so nak tulis detail, nti org kata riak plak..hihi..

Azam 3: Menjadi seorang pekerja yang mencapai kepuasan dalam kerjaya (mcm skima je bunyinyer..hihi)
Sekarang dah 3 tahun bekerja di bumi terengganu, rasenya banyak lagi prosedur yang tak tahu, banyak lagi pemantapan kerjaya yang ingin dibuat, rase belum lagi mencapai kepuasan dalam kerjaya. Rase diri belum bagus lagi..Banyak lagi kene usaha n kene timba ilmu dari staf2 senior..tolong bantu saya yer..

Azam 4: Ingin menimang cahaya mata
Masuk tahun ini, kami dah berkahwin selama 1 tahun 9 bulan..selama 1 tahun 6 bulan kami PJJ (Perkahwinan jarak jauh). Alhamdulillah, suami dah dapat tukar di kuala terengganu..Kawan2 tolong doakan kami yer..Kalau dapat anak kembar lagi bagus, 2 orang sekaligus..Mak sedara saya ada anak kembar, insyallah maybe genetik tu ada pada saya sikit2..hehe..Tapi kalau dapat single pon bgus jugak, janji dapat anak yang sihat dan menjadi seorang yang mendengar kata kedua ibu bapanya..hehe..Kadangkala saya berfikir, mungkin masa ini belum sesuai untuk kami menjadi ibubapa..Allah merencanakan sesuatu yang lebih baik untuk kami..Namun tak salah untuk kita terus berusaha kan? Macam2 cerita yang saya dengar, ada yang teah menunggu selama 10 tahun untuk mendapat zuriat..alhamdulillah, doa mereka dimakbulkan..oleh yang demikian, pesanan saya kepada pasangan di luar sana dan untuk diri saya sendiri, jangan putus asa untuk berdoa dan usaha, Allah Maha Pengasih.. Saya redha dan selalu berfikir yang setakat ini apa kehendak saya dalam hidup ini telah saya dapat dengan mudah dan belum pernah diuji oleh-Nya. Insyallah hati ini akan sentiasa tabah ya Allah..

Azam 5: Mempelajari bahasa Mandarin
Sejak dari sekolah menengah lagi, saya sangat teringin belajar Mandarin..salah satu faktornya, kat pekan koboi Endau, Mersing tu kesemua peniaga cina menulis harga kepada barang jualan dalam bahasa cina. Alangkah rugi kalau pembeli tak faham apa yang ditulis. Kat sekolah menengah dulu, kami dimestikan ambil bahasa arab sebagai bahasa pilihan.. Arab ok juga, tapi bulan dapat dipraktikkan lagi..Selain buku doa yang telah ada terjemahannya..So Lee Wan Yee, tolong ajar akak bahasa mandarin yer..
Saya hanya tahu Chau ann laucerk (selamat pagi cikgu), ee, erk, san, serk, uulierk
1..2..3..4..5..6..tu aje..

Azam 6: Swimming
Sangat ingin untuk berenang, bekerja di jabatan perikanan, FASM tapi tak pandai berenang, rugikan? sifu2 tolong ajar ok..hehe..En. suami, sila belajar untuk snorkeling yer..

Sekian dulu untuk kali ini..

Sudah ada blog sendiri :)

Assalamualaikum semua..

Sejak membaca beberapa blog yang sering diikuti, timbul rasa nak ade blog sendiri. Hehe..Tujuan diadakan blog ini ialah:
1. Mengisi masa lapang (masa takde mood nak buat kerja)
2. Mendengar komen dan pendapat daripada pembaca2 blog, so sila bagi komen
dan pendapat yer..
3. Berkongsi idea/ilmu yang saya ada
4. Mencairkan minda dengan menulis (betul ker?hihi)

Rase dah lama tak menulis, sejak tinggalkan zaman belajar, ye lah dulu tulis nota kuliah, tulis tesis Final Year Project aje..So,marilah sama-sama mencairkan otak..hihi..Dengan rasminya, saya melancarkan blog ini pada 6 mei 2010. Diharapkan pembaca sudi memberi idea dan komen yang membina..Jangan segan silu okay..Ini blog saya, suka ati saya nak tulis ape2:)